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Jan 22,2018
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Thinking of organising a workshop or seminar but don’t know where to start? It’s one of the most common events that planners will organise as it allows business owners to showcase the expertise to a roomful of a potential.

Now if you’re looking to impress the right people for the right reasons it’s vital that your workshop goes to plan and that your audience walk away feeling as if they have gained valuable knowledge or something that they did not have before. 

The great thing about organising a workshop, lecture or seminar is that anyone who can speak knowledgeably on a subject can host one! Whether it’s offering business services like accounting or marketing to lifestyle services such as personal stylists, makeup artists or personal trainers. 

Help prepare for your event with the help of our workshop planner checklist.

  1. Confirm the purpose of the event and create the goals.
  2. Define audience and ideal attendee numbers
  3. Design workshop agenda – Intro, exercises, props/tools needed and then a well thought summary with something your audience can take away.
  4. Produce any supporting materials – Such as a presentation 
  5. Devise marketing strategy – Budget, marketing channels, key messaging, key influencers and marketing plan.
  6. Booking venue, catering and staff support that will be needed throughout the event.
  7. Set up your free Eventcart event page to help promote your workshop and manage registrations.
  8. Organise take away materials for attendees – Name tags, flyers, leaflets.
  9. Confirm final guest list
  10. Practise giving your presentation – Practise makes perfect!

Now you have the Eventcart ultimate workshop checklist, you’re all good to go! Start planning your seminar today by creating an event online.

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